Ode to Lola

She is always there, lingering somewhere in the back of my mind, unseen. Every few days or so she steps out of the shadows of my unconscious and sends me a message in a memory, a scent, through someone else’s antics that sends me into spirals of joy and grief and a deep-seated feeling of longing that take my breath away, literally! The hole in my heart that she left behind is still there. It changed it’s shape a bit, but it is nonetheless gaping and bleeding, unstoppable and un-healing. She was the love of my life, my purpose for living and going on, my rock in the stormy seas, my everything.
She was my dog, a beauty in white, dark grey and brown. With silky soft ears, swirls of hair, a sparkle in her eyes and an incredibly free and happy spirit. She saved me and unleashed my free spirit in turn.
She left before her time was supposed to be up. But then maybe she had fulfilled her purpose.


via Daily Prompt: Unseen

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