Last night I woke up around 2am and immediately felt confused on how bright it seemed outside. For a second I had the awful notion that I somehow got transported back to L.A., who’s night skies are permanently lit up by the city lights. I got up and peeked outside, a wave of relief washing over me when I spotted the familiar shapes of the trees surrounding our mobile home. Still curious about the brightness, I decided to step out into the yard and check it out. Stars twinkled in the cold night sky and a beautiful full “Wolf” moon illuminated my world with a magnificent soft whitish-yellow glow. I could make out every tree, every bush, every rock, chair and bench in our yard. I soaked it all in as long as I could, only wearing my pajamas in the freezing cold.

Waking up in the morning revealed that Father Frost had stopped by sometime during the night as well and had sprinkled stardust all over. The rising sun revealed millions of tiny little diamonds, twinkling and sparkling, almost like a disco ball. After breakfast I took the dogs for a walk and it was stunning, all those little ice crystal sparkled bright, sometimes even in rainbow colors. It put me into a childlike wonder and gratitude at all the miracles Mother Nature and the Universe bestow upon us every day! It made me feel giddy with life! So often we are so numb to all of these spectacles, we don’t even notice them, especially living in busy cities. My morning walk reaffirmed my decision to leave the city behind and live a quiet rural life again. It wasn’t a seamless transition, it took me a while to leave the city numbness behind and see the little things again. Now I am open and receptive and I see the miracles of life and nature everywhere.

Next time you go on a walk, look at the world with your heart! Open it up wide and soak it all in, I promise you won’t regret.

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