It Takes A Village

It is time to stop, breathe and consider this: Replace hate with love, fear with courage, ignorance with tolerance despair with hope. Instead of blaming others take responsibility, instead of putting others down try to see their view, instead of ignoring others pain, stand up and help, instead of condemning other cultures, celebrate diversity! We … Continue reading It Takes A Village



I got up this morning like any other day, but I instantly knew that it would be one of those days. My breathing, my heartbeat, every cell of my body does what they need to do without me having to think about it, it's all automatic. My mind, my thoughts, my emotions on the other … Continue reading Overwhelmed

Rose Colored

Love wears rose colored glasses they say. Letting through only the good, the beautiful, the desired. After a while the glasses get dirty. They don't filter stuff that well anymore. Sometimes they will have you move on without looking back. Sometimes they make you stay because you can finally see. Filter