Courage is a funny thing, a concept I often struggle with. Most often I am a "sticking my head in the sand" kind of person. I have dreams and desires, but then chicken out and hide behind my comfort zone. But every once in a while I take a deep breath, gather up all my … Continue reading Progress



A new year has begun and more and more I struggle with keeping me calm and just going with the flow, which is something I have worked on really hard this past year. As my shoulder injury drags on and my patience on waiting for insurance decisions is starting to wear really thin, I find … Continue reading Swimming


It took me a couple of days to work up to this week's photo challenge of "temporary". Isn't everything temporary really? Even the most sturdy stone wall or granite mountain will eventually crumble. Anyways, here is my take on this week's challenge. Enjoy! 🙂 Snow! I used to love it as a kid, followed by … Continue reading Moments